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Treadmill Associates Ltd was established to provide focused project and programme management services within the overall capital investment value chain. With over 100 years combined experience in the built environment , this represents a geographical spread of:

We have a full and skills based appreciation of technical, commercial and financial matters. This allows us to:




  • Engage with our clients in a collaborative environment.
  • Work with our clients to set a clear and mutual understanding of the challenges at the start.
  • Define the solutions that best meet the objectives and expectations.
  • Develop and implement practical and efficient delivery plans.
  • Lead the delivery through ownership and responsibility.


  • Be a strategic partner with clients and collaborators.
  • Be the preferred lead consultant on the delivery of capital investments.
  • Providing legacy within our client’s organisation on through knowledge transfer and shared learning.
  • Remain a privately owned professional services consultancy.
  • Utilise our experience and expertise to its full extent for the benefit of clients and our profession.


Bringing order to your capital projects environment through a balanced approach with the objective of certainty

Organisational Development

A major cause of project failure is a result of organisations not being adequately equipment to either deliver projects or act as senior responsibility owners of such. Treadmill Associates has knowledge and skills to aid organisations understand and deliver their capability and capacity to improve the delivery of capital programmes.

Services include:

Portfolio Management

Understanding an organisation on portfolio of assets enables strategic decisions to match business objectives. Treadmill Associates assist to manage these portfolios to optimise delivery solutions, provide continuous improvement initiatives, and achieve total asset life cycle benefits.

Project Management

Establishing robust and effective project development and delivery plans, based on alignment of project objectives and constraints, coupled with development of tactical practical delivery plans.

Deriving an overall plan for the development and delivery of the project, allows coordination and control of the requirements and brief, against success factors which are:

Programme Management

Optimised programme delivery is crical in order to realize sucess and to maximize benifits.We achieve this through:


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Mike Hamer



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